Humboldt County School Counselors Mission Statement

The Mission of the Humboldt County School Counselors is to help all students reach their academic, career, personal and social/emotional potential. Our mission as student advocates is to promote and enhance student achievement by delivering prevention, intervention, and referral services in collaboration with students, staff, parents and the community.

Work Experience Credit Requirements

Students must complete the following in order to earn a credit or credits for Work Experience:
  • Turn in Work Experience contract by specified date
  • A typed explanation of what skills you are and will be performing while working.
  • A weekly summary of the skills you performed at work and how these skills will help prepare you for your future employment.
  • Students must pass all of their scheduled classes in order to receive Work Experience credit(s).
  • Turn in copy of pay stub every two weeks to verify the hours the student has worked.
  • Student must work at least 5 hours per week for one Work Experience class and 10 hours per week for two Work Experience classes.
  • Students must accumulate 90 hours a semester for one Work Experience class, or 180 hour per semester for two Work Experience classes.
  • Student must work the entire semester while enrolled in Work Experience.
  • Forms for Work Experience
Failure to comply with the above guidelines will result in a failing grade. If you have any questions regarding your Work Experience credits, please see Mr. Anderson in the Guidance Office.

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